The purpose of the Historic Aiken Foundation is to actively champion the protection, preservation, and appreciation of the historical, architectural, and cultural heritage of Aiken.


To achieve this purpose, the Foundation acts as an advocate for structures of historical and architectural significance and for the integrity, authenticity, and aesthetic appeal of neighborhoods and the city. We rely on various tools to achieve this purpose including participating in government planning and decision-making, providing preservation resources and educational programs, and accepting historic preservation easements.


The Foundation recognizes that historic preservation is vital to the growth and prosperity of Aiken. Historic preservation draws businesses, new residents, and tourists to our community and keeps our community vibrant. The Historic Aiken Foundation is proud to be part of honoring Aiken’s historic places, people, and culture and helping to retain the charm that makes Aiken unique.

What Is Historic Preservation?

Historic preservation is the practice of protecting and preserving sites, structures or districts which reflect elements of local or national cultural, social, economic, political, archaeological or architectural history. Preservation has many diverse purposes and rewards, including the strengthening of local economies, stabilization of property values, the fostering of civic beauty and community pride, and the appreciation of local and national history. Historic preservation has a public purpose that advances the education and welfare of citizens, while providing economic and aesthetic benefits. We work collaboratively with government agencies, businesses, homeowners, and other local historical societies to share and coordinate information and resources.  By collaborating we provide a collective voice for preserving, protecting, and planning in Aiken.